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Wonderful Testimonial from Our Recent Intensive

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Wonderful Testimonial from Our Recent Intensive

Published on
05 January 2024

Here is a wonderful testimonial we received after last weekend's Christ Consciousness Transmission intensive:

I was one of the attendee’s for two of the Christ Consciousness transmissions on Sunday, 12-31 and Monday, 1-1-2024 and what a truly moving experience it was on both occasions.

What stood out to me and really made my heart feel like it was about to explode was looking at the two of you looking straight ahead but being so deeply connected in ways that were not only being communicated energetically, but also visually. I could see through Gina’s eyes a deep reverence and holiness as she held her arms outstretched and just emanated grace.

As if that weren’t enough to get my attention, I then look over at you, Nirmala, and you are caught up in such amazing rapture that I had to remember to breathe! You were literally as well as figuratively lit up from one end to the other in complete love.

I was so mesmerized by feeling what was emanating from each of you, as well as both of you, that the music, pictures and transmissions all ‘conspired’ to make this the absolute way the New Year was meant to be ushered in. It felt more like ushering in a New World, New Year was a part of it but not the whole picture.

Thank you both so very much for all you do, all you are, and for making a way-station for weary travelers to get on the train that leads us back to reality and love. Whew! And not a moment too soon! Lol 🥶 The Dream was rapidly becoming a nightmare! Ha-ha! 😳😬😂 

More info about the transmissions we offer seven times every week. 

P.S. Just finished reading Nirmala's book, Nothing Personal. And I absolutely loved it!! How could it be personal? Who would that personal person be exactly?!!! Lol! It was funny, brilliant, warm, loving, down-to-earth, like a warm hug, a beautiful gentle reminder, like an echo calling us to awake!

Cover of Nirmala's book, Nothing Personal