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That Is That by Nirmala

That Is That by Nirmala. Essays About True Nature

This book is a collection of articles and answers to questions posed by spiritual seekers. It captures the essence of spiritual inquiry and provides the reader with a real transmission of Presence on every page. It is much more than an exposition about our true nature as infinite consciousness, it offers an experiential exploration of who we really are, not only through the transmission in the words, but through the many thoughtful questions it raises. Nirmala's warm-hearted and accepting presence makes it possible to drop into the space he so eloquently describes, where peace, love, and joy abide. He is a master at helping you fall in love with life and the many expressions of the one Being we all are.

Nirmala offers a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to the rich tradition of spiritual inquiry into our true nature. He is the author of several books, including Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self.

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A few selections from the book:

"The real treasure in this moment is always to be found in the awareness of this moment, not in the content of our experience. So it's not that important if something you like is happening or not. Discovering this simple perspective is like discovering you live in a candy store: Everywhere you turn is another goodie! Beyond that, is the recognition that this endless supply of goodies is what you really are. You are not the content of your experience; you are the awareness that brings life and joy to every experience. Talk about not having to worry about what happens! Nothing that happens can change what you are, and what you are is the biggest treasure. It is hidden in plain sight, right in front of you, always in the experience you are having right now."

"Inquiring into what is true about this very moment can put us in touch with the beauty and wonder that is always present in this mystery called life. Not only is there nothing problematic or bad in the here and now, but there is also a limitless amount of depth and richness to be found in the present moment. Everything that really matters, such as peace, joy, satisfaction, connectedness, and love, is found in the here and now, and only in the here and now. To experience this fullness and wonder, there's nothing we need to do except question the conclusion that peace, joy, satisfaction, and love are not already here and then look to see if they are. Is any peace present right now? Is there any love at all in this moment? What is that peace like? What is the nature of the love that is here now? Asking these kinds of questions is all it takes to get in touch with the amazing richness of the present moment."

"Spiritual inquiry isn't meant to lead you anywhere except where you already are. When every experience, including the most ordinary, is so mysterious, there is no need for a profound experience of bliss or cosmic light. If you happen to have an experience of bliss, then you can explore that. But for now, why not explore what is already here?"

"Suffering ends when our attention is flowing toward what's actually happening, what's true in the moment. Suffering is the distance-the gap-between what we are oriented toward and what is. However large the gap is between what is actually happening and what you are putting your attention on is how much you will suffer. If there's no gap, then there's no suffering."

259 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars!

"Truly a master in describing the indescribable and bringing the Absolute experience of Truth into the present embodied experience"

"This book is full of wise pearls. Every page has an 'aha' moment. If you are on the path of finding spiritual Truths, this book will affirm what you have already come to know within. It will also point to truths waiting to be discovered by you. No matter where you are on the Inner Journey, this book gently and firmly gives you support. I loved reading it and would recommend it to anyone seeking a spiritual communion with the Divine.This book met my expectations in a way that many other books on my spiritual journey have not. The author is firmly rooted in what he writes about.....experiences gleaned from his own investigation into Stillness."

"I approached this book with an open mind and an open heart and I was blown away. It is amazing to me that such power can be conveyed by ink on paper. Imagine that you have spent your whole life looking for "truth" or "the answer" and you somehow run into someone who just asks you to try to give up looking, so you do, and then, wham, you find yourself standing in front of the fountain of all truth, and it is beautiful, and calming, though maybe not particularly what you expected. This book helps me get in touch with the truth that lies at the core of my being. I can't read more than one or two pages before I have to put the book down and reflect and marvel on what I have just read!"

"I lucked across this book when I was in the Kindle store. I didn't even look at a preview; I just bought it. When I began to read I was knocked over. This book delivers much more than I ever expected. Nirmala's thoughts about the mind and life are like mine. It's like he's looking though my eyes, saying the things I knew but had not put words to. After an awakening I had in 1997, I've been thoughtful as to what I read. So many books are based on the old spiritual paradigm. This book however is the product of the evolution of consciousness and the author writes from that flow. Each thought Nirmala speaks is like a love song to life. I'm drinking this book in. When I enter the words it's like I'm in a temple. I have meditated in caves in India and the peacefulness this book emanates is the same peace. Some books are dry. Some books are complicated. Some books strange. This book is truly the living word. It is alive. I recommend this book to anyone who is willing to give up the daily drama for the direct and delightful experience enlightened ones refer to as reality."