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New Testimonial About Christ Consciousness Transmissions

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New Testimonial About Christ Consciousness Transmissions

Published on
25 June 2023

Someone emailed us the following testimonial about the Christ Consciousness Transmissions my wife, Gina Lake, and I offer seven times every week:

“At the beginning of the transmission, I feel love that comes through you, and then the fact that I'm not alone and abandoned. Then suddenly I receive energy in the form of tingling, as if something is falling from the sky, like an unseen wave. It's the same feeling when you cover yourself with a blanket. In fact, it's like a subtle electric shock that touches my body, especially in my arms. The energy enters into my body like a caress and at an astonishing speed. It lasts a maximum of a few seconds and if I have a physical pain, it disappears, and it's like you are a newborn. I am always reborn during the transmissions. I have moments when I fall asleep, and when I wake up, it’s as if I have come from a long journey, rich in soul. Always in peace. I am a Zen person after. So, this is the experience with me, growing daily in compassion, love, and peace. Thank you with all my heart.” –I. N.

 More info about these online gatherings for Christ Consciousness Transmissions.