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Latest Testimonials about Christ Consciousness Transmissions

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Latest Testimonials about Christ Consciousness Transmissions

Published on
24 October 2023

We received another glowing testimonial about the online Christ Consciousness Transmissions we offer six times every week:

"I highly recommend the Christ Consciousness Transmissions. I first started attending the transmissions in April of 2021. I started out doing only one transmission per week. I work in a hospital, and I had caught Covid 19. I was still having bad symptoms from long Covid when I started attending the transmissions. I immediately noticed that they would take away the migraine headaches. The migraines would return after about 24 hours. Each week in the transmission the migraine would ease off. After a couple of months of transmissions, the Covid migraine headaches no longer returned. After about six months, I noticed that I was no longer having issues with depression. In the mornings, I was singing in the shower. I started noticing how beautiful the mountains were in the area between my house and work. At this point, I changed my schedule at work and started attending all the transmissions. My spiritual growth became my first priority. After about a year and a half, I started to feel the energy in the transmissions. I have had a lot of amazing changes. I feel that my consciousness is always increasing. I have noticed that my relationships with my family and co-workers have improved. I'm calm, centered and I have more presence. My coworkers ask me what I do to stay so calm. The transmissions are my number one spiritual practice. I highly recommend them.” –B. M.

Also this testimonial about the recent weekend intensive (the next intensive is listed here). 

“I found the intensive very helpful and worthwhile. On more than one transmission I felt many energetic releases in my body, and it all added up to feeling so much lighter and brighter by the end of Sunday. This has occurred in other intensives as well. This is a great service to individuals and the world!” –M. M. 

More info about the transmissions we offer seven times every week.