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Christ Consciousness Transmissions Calendar

Refer to this calendar for the starting times in your own local time zone for all transmission gatherings. Click or tap on any event to see more details.

How Do I Attend One Of The Online Group Sessions?

Join us on Zoom at or slightly before the times shown in the calendar above:

Or you can copy and paste this URL:


If you are prompted to download the Zoom launcher, just follow the on screen instructions (more detailed instructions). The meeting room will be open about 15 minutes beforehand for you to come and just sit quietly. You can attend online on your computer, smartphone, tablet or even by dialing in from your telephone. (See this page for instructions to join by telephone-audio only.) You don't need to sign up ahead for any of our gatherings, just follow the Zoom link above to join the meeting room at the scheduled time.

Nirmala and Gina and their dogs

We hope you can join us on Zoom! -Nirmala and Gina

Testimonial Regarding the Long Term Effects of the Christ Consciousness Transmissions

Transmission can happen through the eyes.Someone contacted us with an inspiring and remarkable report on her long term experiences with the Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCTs) that we offer. She attended a live retreat with Gina in 2017 where Gina first offered several CCTs as part of the gathering. And while she did not feel much of anything during those first transmissions, she decided to continue with the online gatherings we offer seven times a week on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (as described here).

And here is what she experienced after attending for the last 12 months: 

  • I was there at the retreat in Colorado when you first started doing transmissions. I heard some people describe their incredible experience, but I felt nothing. Well, maybe not quite nothing because when the email came to continue attending them, I felt I should.
  • I have come to almost all of them except 2 or 3. In the last few months, my awareness of so much has shifted, including which voice I was listening to.
  • Seeing Truth. Embracing Life. Knowing that everything to awaken is already and has always been offered to me, in my life experiences.
  • It is kind of overwhelming, but not in a ‘bad’ way. I just do not know what to do with it all, the amazing awareness, expanding awareness.
  • I have listened to over and over to the channeled recordings. One day, I listened to the message from 12-31-17 (available on Youtube here) several times.

We would love to hear from you also if you have any reports or testimonials about your own experiences with the Christ Consciousness Transmissions. You can contact us using the form on this contact page.