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Another Testimonial About Christ Consciousness Transmissions

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Another Testimonial About Christ Consciousness Transmissions

Published on
12 March 2022

Someone emailed me the following testimonial about the Christ Consciousness Transmissions my wife and I offer six times a week:

"Thanks for all you do to make CCT happen for all of us. I started attending a few years ago at the invitation of a friend. As a engineer-scientist, I was voted least likely in my class to participate in something called a transmission. I don’t have a New Age bone if my body. I went anyway and was open to investigating whatever was happening. True Nature having already revealed itself through a variety of experiences and approaches like the Headless Way and various takes on non-duality, I also wasn’t looking for anything. Life was good. I was happy. There were and are challenges, some occasionally a Big Deal. Still, Life has always seemed to grace me, embrace me, and reveal itself in every more lovely ways. I consciously trust it now. It never fails.

I was and continue to be impressed by your authenticity, straightforwardness, and simplicity. These are not always present in the world of spirituality. I only spend my time with teachers or communities where this is foundational. Initially I experienced the transmissions as mostly a form of meditation. There was some kriya-like activity in the Hara. I’ve experienced something like that before in meditation practice over the years. Fine.

As time went by, something changed driven by the intensives. There was a cumulative effect somehow. Lots of subtle activation in and outside body. A deeper opening to love somehow. Energy flowing through me, around me, flowing me ultimately. A deeper softening and fluidity somehow. Other doors opened synchronistically. Some doors closed. My intuition was to stay engaged.

The channeled talks from Jesus are remarkable and uniquely succinct, clear, and accessible. Transdimensional beings are probably quite busy and don’t have a word to waste! 😉. I know of nothing more succinct and direct. The same simple core message repeated again and again. That said, I’m here primarily for the transmissions. My wife is interested in the talks and we discuss those together.

All that said, I don’t really know what happens in transmission. My intuition is to continue to participate and trust the process. It works in ways I don’t understand."

 More info about the online gatherings for Christ Consciousness Transmissions.

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