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Satsang with Nirmala

Nondual Spiritual Mentor and Teacher

Who are you really? Are you your body, mind, and personality? Or are you the spacious awareness in which they appear? Questions like these point us to the infinite Oneness and Presence that is the true source of peace, happiness, and love. Satsang means "gathering together to inquire into our true nature." It is an opportunity through inquiry and dialogue to discover that the love, peace, and happiness you have been seeking are available inside of you here and now. Satsang is a chance to finally rest from all seeking and struggle and to experience directly the completeness and perfection of your Being. You will discover the sweet richness that is revealed when you give the truth your undivided attention.

Nirmala invites you to enjoy all this site has to offer:

Nondual Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

Try a Mentoring Session with Nirmala for a Reduced Donation of $80: 
— Read more about one-on-one mentoring.

“In my spiritual mentoring sessions, I have found all the qualities one might expect from a deep contact with truth: honesty, humility, unending patience and precision in dealing with all manner of life's questions and challenges. Having heard many of the best examples from the plethora of contemporary Advaita and Nondual teachers emerging over the last twenty years, I can only say that few have illuminated the rich and complex intersection of spirituality and psychology as well as Nirmala. His balance of heart and wisdom creates a nurturing container for waking up."”—Jeff Wolcott

Online Christ Consciousness Transmission Gatherings

Nirmala and his wife, Gina Lake, offer Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCTs) in seven weekly online gatherings at 5:00 pm Pacific time on Tuesdays, 11:00 am Pacific time on Thursdays, 11:00 am and 3:00 pm Pacific time on Saturdays, and also at 9:00 am and 11:00 am Pacific time on Sundays (calendar with starting times in your time zone). Read more about these transmissions that facilitate awakening.

Listen to a channeled message from Jesus where he introduces himself and Christ Consciousness Transmissions.